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December 10 2019 21:04:49   
EWEA 25 year anniversary - The Road to Maturity
This is just a selection of my favorit pictures from the article with my personal comments. Go to the bottom to find the link to the full article.

It should have been quite a scene when one of the blades broke near the ground, swinging round cutting all the guide wires....

I once visited the Monopteros turbine and had a presentation from one of the engineers climbing the tower to the nacelle in 20 m/s. The nice thing about this construction is that in this situation it just lets the single blade feather downwind, and the extreme loads are very small.
The second time I saw the turbine it was in operationat 15 m/s which is very fascinating both to see and to hear!

The Dutch have allways been in favor of strange constructions - this one is a Lagerwey construction

The VAWT (Vertical Axix Wind Turbine or Vertually A Waste of Time as the engineers said at a conference after 10 years of research&development) at Carmarthen Bay I saw in 1990. Shortly after it lost one of the blade, but kept going and producing power with only one blade for several hours untill one of the people took the risk of going to the turbine to push the stop button. A good SCADA system would have been convenient!

For some reason the REpower 5MW has found its way to this article, where most of the other turbines are monsters that never realy came off commercially - are they trying to give us a hint here - or are they simply considering this machine to "Maturity"?

see the full article at the link here: The Road to Maturity
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