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Maintenance of wind turbines 2008
February 13-14, 2008 in Bochum
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The VGB Conference "Maintenance of Wind Turbines 2008" with technical exhibition will take place from 13th -14th February 2008 in Bochum, Germany.

The service and maintenance of wind energy plants in the megawatt range will increase because of the damage cases that have already occurred. Operation and availability of these plants is to be optimised. Offshore plants in particular require suitable maintenance strategies in order to minimise costs.

Therefore, the conference programme focuses on possible service and maintenance strategies for wind energy plants in the on- and offshore area. Different manufacturers will present their concepts.

The conference addresses operators of wind energy plants and all persons and institutions which are directly or indirectly involved in the installation or operation of wind energy plants.

Further information can be found at the web site of the conference:

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our conference.

With kind regards
Nicol Veenhues

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