Horns Rev og Nysted, October 2007
Skrevet af LeoJensenAdmin d. December 06 2007 15:25:09
I have updated the production figures for Horns Rev and Nysted for the data from October 2007. This is where Nysted is just starting to produce power again.

Jan has noticed, that it is quite remarkable that each turbine in Nysted has been able to produce 18 kWh each month to the grid even though the transformer was on repair in Norway. We are wondering whether we are actually payd for that energy :)
Udvidet nyhedstekst

18 kWh per turbine - strange where they are comming from :-)

October was not a very windy month, so the running 12 month sum is dropping to a value below 700 Mio kWh. As November 06 was also extremely windy we could will probably see a further drop next month as well.

The year to date values are still heading towards production records in 2007 for Horns Rev

For Nysted we just have to say better luck next year!