Siemens Direct Drive best in 2009
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The best producing wind turbine in Denmark in 2009 was not in operation by 1st january 2009. It is not a serial production machine either.

It produced 10,518,822 kWh in 2009, which was just enough to beat the "old" Siemens 3.6 turbine at Høvsøre, that "only" produced 10,446,854 kWh.

Congratulations to Siemens Wind Power !

If you are wondering why DONG Energy seem to be so fond of Siemens turbines, you could try to study the list by clicking "læs mere"
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The best producing wind turbine in Denmark in 2009 was the Siemens "proof of concept" direct drive turbine, that went into operation on 6th January 2009 near Tim in Western Jutland, Denmark.

Considering that this turbine is not even a prototype, this is really a remarkable result, and it is tempting allready now to conclude that the strategy of Siemens Wind Power regarding direct drive wind turbines is a success.

In second place, very close behind, we find another Siemens turbine - the 3.6MW prototype at the Høvsøre site.

As number three, almost as remarkable, we find the second Siemens "proof of concept" direct drive machine. Siemens has an article on this turbine HERE

Number four is the Siemens 2.3 machine in Høvsøre. In the official statistics it is listed as having a diameter of 82 meter, but one could guess, that the fact it is so high on the list, is because they are testing their new 101 meter rotor on that machine.

On number five, however, we know there is no misinformation on the diameter. This is the Siemens 2.3 MW turbine at Rønland, which is identical to number six in the list, the Siemens 2.3 MW turbines.

We are down to number 7 to find a non-Siemens wind turbine. This is the V80 turbine at the Rønland site.

Number 8 is DONG Energys Vestas V90 turbine in Frederikshavn.
Number 9 is the Nysted offshore wind farm
Number 12 is the Horns Rev 1 offshore wind farm

source: WWW.ENS.DK